The Kryptos Sculpture, Langley, VA.

CSC507/609-B: Cryptography

by: burt rosenberg
at: university of miami
semester: fall 2021 (221)
time: MWF 9:15 AM – 10:05 AM
location: Mahoney/Pearson Com 116


Class Statement:

Table of Contents:
Reading Assignments:
  1. Asymptotic Order Notation (Big-Oh) PDF
  2. Probabilistic Polynomial Time Algorithms & Cryptography PDF
  3. Please read the first two chapters in Katz and Lindell (2nd ed. numbering)
  4. Perfect Secrecy PDF
  5. Please read the third chapter in Katz and Lindell (2nd ed. numbering)
  6. Pseudo-Randomness and Stream Ciphers PDF
  7. Views and a Chosen Plaintext Attack on a Pseudorandom Function PDF
  8. Please read the fourth chapter in Katz and Lindell (2nd ed. numbering)
  9. Please read the ninth and tenth chapters in Katz and Lindell (2nd ed. numbering)
  10. Be familiar with the contents of the seventh chapter in Katz and Lindell.
  11. New Directions In Cryptography, Diffie and Hellman (1976).
  12. Finish reading about public key, chapters 11 and 12 in Katz and Lindell.
  13. RSA Quick Intro
  14. Read Chapter 12 in Katz and Lindell
  15. The knowledge complexity of Interactive Proof Systems, Goldwasser, Micali, Rackoff (1985)
Frightful Fridays:


Class Notes:
Classical and Modern Encryption
Hashing and Block-chains
Public Key Cryptography
Zero Knowledge Proof Systems



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author: burton rosenberg
created: 21 jan 2018
update: 2 dec 2021