REU: Computing for Structure

General Information

Boot Camp:

The Boot Camp has two parts, where the first is a comprehensive introduction to data-python and unix scripting. That runs Monday to Thursday, May 21–24.

Following are topics in computational science including grid/cluster computing, neural nets, and GPU's, which are given on Friday, Tuesday and Wednesday, May 25 to 30th, excluding Memorial Day on Monday.

The morning sessions are 9:30am – 12:00pm and the afternoon sessions are 1:30pm – 4:00pm. Both sessions are at the Computer Science computer lab, on the 3ird floor of the Ungar Building.

Part I:

  • Monday:
    AM: CLI Intro (Athina/Dawson);
    PM: Python programming (svn://simple/*.py) (Burt)
  • Tuesday:
    AM: Python programming (svn://simple/*.py) (Burt);
    PM: Scripting and Textfile manipulation (Athina/Daswon)
  • Wednesday:
    AM: Numpy and fast arrays (Burt);
    PM: Python for data analysis (Athina)
  • Thursday:
    Project (cohort)
Part II:
  • Friday: Pegasus (Athina)
  • Monday: Memorial Day (day off)
  • Tuesday: Deep learning (Luis)
  • Wednesday:
    AM: CUDA with the K80 (Burt);
    PM: Mentor meetup

Professional Development Workshop

In coordination with the REU at the Chem Dept, we had a series of weekly workshops to help new scientist develop in their field and understand their future options.

Date and time: 3pm–5pm Fridays, either in the Cox science building, next to Ungar, or downtown on the Medical Campus, at the Gautier building. (excel format: spreadsheet)

But note underlined exceptions! E.g. time for June 8.

Friday, 1 June
Life as a Graduate Student, Panel discussion. Cox 166.
Friday, 8 June
Reading and Critiquing Scientific Literature, OGPS Pane. Gautier 118. 4pm–5:30pm.
Friday, 15 June
Graduate School Opportunities, Dr. Captain, Dr. Salas, Knecht and Deo. Gautier 118.
Friday, 22 June
Diversity and Inclusion in the Sciences, Dr. Symes, Gautier 118.
Friday, 29 June
Destination - Passion. My road to a Career in Academia. Dr Sophia George, Gautier 118.
Friday, 6 July
Research Outside of Academia: Industry, Dr. Sur, Gautier 118.
Tuesday, 10 July
Tips for an Effective Research Presentation, Dr. Emre Dikici. Gautier 118.
Friday, 13 July
Transitioning to an Independent Academic Career, Dr. Rai. Cox 166.
Friday, 20 July
Research Outside of Academia: Government, Dr. Li, Gautier 118.
Friday, 27 July
Research Symposium and Luncheon. 9:30am–3:00pm Cox Atrium.

Nature of Science Lecture Series / Research Seminars

A series of Wednesdays afternoon lectures with a historical or conceptual viewpoint of the development or practice of science. Some lectures in the series were devoted to an overview of specific research topics, relevant to the REU theme, by active researchers in those fields. On Thursdays at 3:30, in Ungar 300.

Thursday, 28 June
Prof. Ogihara, Computer Science. Humanities and Computation
Thursday, 5 July
Prof. Acevedo, Chemistry. Chemistry and Computation
Thursday, 12 July
Prof. Rosenberg, Computer Science. Truth, Knowledge, and Computation
Thursday, 19 July
Prof. Kirtman, Marine Sciences (RSMA). Climate and Computation

Poster presentation

Poster presentation and closing ceremonies, Friday, July 27, 2018.

You can also see any of last year's posters.


Computational Chemistry
Prof Acevado
Prof. Rosenberg
Neural Networks
Prof Schwartz and Luis Gonzales
Prof Uddin
Prof Lemmon
Ocean Science
Prof Iskandarani
Protein Networks
Prof Wufty
Prof Messinger and Prof Vitale
Prof Milenkovic

With help and guidance from:

Dr. Hadjixenofontos
High Performance Computing
Joel Zysman
Kalan Dawson
Evelyn Cruz, Senior Manager CCS
Julie Garcia, Project Administration and Manager CSC
Prof. Sutcliffe, Chair Computer Science
Dr. Tsinoremas, Director CCS

Sponsored by the National Science Foundation

The NSF has set up the REU program in order to involve students in meaningful ways in ongoing research programs so as to attract talented students into careers in science and engineering.

The full title of this program is REU Site: Scientific Computing for Structure in Big or Complex Datasets and it is NSF grant CNS-1659144. The REU program is described in program solicitation NSF 13-542, Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU).