AI-Simulation and 3D Visualization

Source: TopLeague, an AI-Soccer game by aitainment GmbH, Germany (now part of betradar, CH). 

Manager game with soccer knowledge

We invented a new generation of e-Sports-games in the mid-2000s. It is a combination of characteristics of real soccer players with modern AI technology. The user adds soccer knowledge for the next game while choosing formation, tactics, and training sessions for his team. Each game is simulated and visualized thereafter. This results into a unique game that has convinced the German Bundesliga (DFL GmbH) among others.


Official Bundesliga Manager

aitainment GmbH was hosting the “Official Bundesliga Manager” since August 2007 on Over 500,000 users played this game at that time. Users can create their own team from all 1024 Bundesliga players and plays with this team to win the championship against 17 other teams in a weekly rhythm (in analogy to the real Bundesliga). The game also contains options to ascend/descend into different leagues according to the quality of the team (virtual 1./2. Bundesliga). There is also a “Virtual Cup Winner”.



With TopLeague (, users have the option to play with real teams rather than fantasy teams. The user plays the role of a coach. He coaches the real team (e.g. Bayern Munich) and has the same problems to solve than the real coach in the real world. The games have the same rhythm than the reality, however, TopLeague games will be played one day earlier. Formations and tactical briefings are also features of the game. Each game will be simulated and can be seen in 3D within a web browser. The key feature is the direct comparison with the real coach in the real world. Currently, more than 25.000 users play this game which has been launched in August 2008.


White Label Variants

Further variants can implemented in your own design and branding. The manager can be integrated in your own web pages and presented to your clients with your branding. We offer three options at present:

  1. Quick game option: It is a session-driven game. The user logs on and will get a randomly chosen team. He can then select formation and tactics and can play against other users who are online directly. This variant of the game is useful for single players.
  2. League option: 10 teams and 18 play days are suitable for a small championship which can be freely configured. This game is excellent for friends or groups who would like to play against each other within a league system.
  3. Cup option: Here, users play to win a single cup. We start with a tournament (groups) followed by one or more KO rounds. Cups can be freely configured; 4,8,16,32,64 and 128 teams can be chosen.



Modern technology is the basis for all games. The players are software robots and act autonomously. They decide on their own with the help of modern AI technology which action will be executed within the next few seconds. The combination of reality with weekly (daily possible) updates of player data, the definition of the user with his formation and tactics and the autonomy of the software robots is brand-new and guarantees a lot of fun for the user. The game industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and is still growing. Years ago, the technology forced games to have simple designs. Programs could often be developed by a small team of pure hackers with the major requirement being a good idea. Back then, formal training and education was not considered that important. Now, it is almost essential.