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Research interests


"A Model for Migratory B Cell Oscillations from Receptor Down-Regulation Induced by External Chemokine Fields", Cliburn Chan, Matthew Billard, Samuel A. Ramirez, Harald Schmidl, Eric Monson, Thomas B. Kepler, Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, 2013, pdf.

"Pseudo-Genetic Algorithmic Composition", Harald Schmidl, International Conference on Genetic and Evolutionary Methods, 2008, pdf, project site.

"The Big Brother and Better Early College Grades", Bob Joyce and Harald Schmidl, Southern Association for Information Systems, 2008, pdf.

"Geometry-Driven Physical Interaction between Avatars and Virtual Environments", Harald Schmidl and Ming Lin, Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds Journal, 2004, pdf, project site.

"CAB: Fast Update of OBB Trees for Collision Detection between Articulated Bodies", Harald Schmidl and Nolan Walker and Ming Lin, Journal of Graphics Tools, 2004, pdf, project site.

"A Fast Impulsive Contact Suite for Rigid Body Simulation", Harald Schmidl and Victor Milenkovic, Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 2004, pdf, project site.

"Optimization-Based Animation", Victor Milenkovic and Harald Schmidl, SIGGRAPH, 2001, pdf.

"Classification of Chords by Neural Networks", Harald Schmidl and Dilip Sarkar, Applications and Science of Computational Intelligence, 1998, pdf abstract.

"Optimization-Based Animation", Harald Schmidl, Ph.D. dissertation, 2002, pdf.

"Movement Detection in Video Data and its Translation into MIDI Signals", Harald Schmidl, M.S. thesis, 1996, pdf abstract.

Tech reports
"Real-time Physically-based Interaction between Avatars and Virtual Environments", Harald Schmidl and Ming Lin, TR03-036, UNC Chapel Hill, 2003.

"On Enigma and a Method for its Decryption", Harald Schmidl, class project for cryptography, 1998, project site.