The 18th International Conference on
Logic for 10th‑15th March 2012
Programming Universidad de Los Andes
Artificial Intelligence and Mérida
Reasoning Venezuela


  • Automated reasoning
  • Interactive theorem proving
  • Logic programming
  • Constraint programming
  • Rewriting and unification
  • Satisfiability checking
  • Decision procedures
  • Non-monotonic reasoning
  • Uncertainty reasoning
  • Knowledge representation and reasoning
  • Ontologies and large knowledge bases
  • Logics for vague and inconsistent data
  • Modal and temporal logics
  • Description logics
  • Implementations of logic
  • Specification using logic
  • Verification
  • Model checking
  • Program analysis
  • Foundations of security
  • Satisfiability modulo theories
  • Logic and games
  • Logic and the web
  • Logic and databases
  • Logic in artificial intelligence
  • Logic and types
  • Logical foundations of programming
  • Logical aspects of concurrency
  • Logic and computational complexity
  • Logic of distributed systems

LPAR-18 is being organized with the support of ...
Department of Computer Science, Universidad de Los Andes
Department of Computer Science, University of Miami
Microsoft Research