12th International Conference on
Logic for 2nd‑6th December 2005
Programming Wexford Hotel
Artificial Intelligence and Montego Bay
Reasoning Jamaica


  • automated reasoning
  • interactive theorem proving
  • proof assistants
  • proof planning
  • proof checking
  • rewriting and unification
  • decision procedures for logical theories
  • combination of decision procedures
  • software and hardware verification
  • network and protocol verification
  • systems specification and synthesis
  • model checking
  • proof-carrying code
  • reasoning over ontologies
  • logic and reasoning for the semantic web
  • propositional reasoning
  • description logics
  • modal and temporal logics
  • nonmonotonic reasoning
  • constructive logic and type theory
  • lambda and combinatory calculi
  • logic and databases
  • logic programming
  • constraint programming
  • logical foundations of programming
  • computational interpretations of logic
  • logic and computational complexity
  • logic in artificial intelligence
  • knowledge representation and reasoning
  • reasoning about actions

LPAR-12 is being organized with the support of the ...
Department of Computer Science, University of Miami
Mona Institute of Applied Science, University of West Indies at Mona
and is endorsed by the ...
Ministry of Commerce, Science and Technology, Government of Jamaica

Reception sponsored by Wray and Nephew.