The CADE-24 Workshop on

Empirically Successful
Automated Reasoning with Artificial Intelligence

will be held on 9th June 2013, as part of

The 24th International Conference on Automated Deduction
Lake Placid, USA, 9th - 14th June, 2013

This workshop will bring together two complementary groups of researchers: researchers in Automated Reasoning who employ Artificial Intelligence tools and techniques to support their automated reasoning research, and researchers in Artificial Intelligence who employ Automated Reasoning tools and techniques to support the artificial intelligence research. The workshop will offer mutually beneficial interactions, through the exposure of the two sides of the research to all. Additionally, the workshop will provide a focussed forum where the many interfaces between these two research fields can be presented and discussed. The workshop is soliciting research, position, applications and system description papers on combinations of AI and AR in the broad sense, including, but not limited to, the following topics:

Additionally, the workshop includes system and application demonstrations. Demonstrations of systems and applications described in paper presentations, and demonstrations of systems and applications without an accompanying paper, are both encouraged.

ESARAI is the latest in the successful ES* series of workshops.



Boris Konev, Stephan Schulz, and Geoff Sutcliffe.

If you have any questions about the workshop, please email the organizers.

Program Committee
Daniel Kuehlwein
Manfred Kerber
Michael Schneider
Patrick Wischnewski
Adam Pease
Jaesik Choi
Scott Sanner
Mateja Jamnik
Toby Walsh


Submission of papers for presentation at the workshop, and proposals for system and application demonstrations at the workshop, are now invited. Submissions will be reviewed, and a balanced program of high-quality contributions will be selected. Submissions must be in PDF using the EasyChair class file, set up for letter paper. There is a 20 page limit. Long listings of problems or computer output should be relegated to a referenced WWW site.

Proposals for system and application demonstrations must include:

Submission is via EasyChair (thanks to Andrei Voronkov). The selected contributions will be printed as workshop proceedings, and will also be published in the EPiC series that is associated with EasyChair. If there are sufficient high quality papers that could be extended into full journal quality papers, a journal special issue on the topic might be possible.

Important dates