CS63S Daily Assignments

The assignments will be graded out of 20, but it's possible that more than 20 marks will be available.

Solutions must be submitted by email as PDF files (unless otherwise specified). Please send a separate PDF for each assignment. Ensure your name is included in the PDF.

# Due Assignment Section Marks Answers
13 23rd August KR and AR in FOL 1st order Logic
2 KR and AR in FOL
12 23rd August Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms Neural Networks
Genetic Algorithms
2 Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms
11 20th August Machine Learning Machine Learning 2 Machine Learning
10 20th August Imprecision Imprecision 1 Imprecision
9 16th August Uncertainty Uncertainty 2 Uncertainty
8 13th August Non-classical Logics Non-classical Logics
2 Non-classical Logics
7 10th August Automated Reasoning II FOF to CNF
2.5 Automated Reasoning II
6 9th August Automated Reasoning I Propositional Logic
1st order Logic
3 Automated Reasoning I
5 5th August Game Search Game Search 2 Game Search
4 3rd August Search Control Search Control 2 Search Control
3 2nd July State Space Search II Environments and Problems
Production Systems
2 State Space Search II
2 25th June State Space Search I State Spaces 2 State Space Search I
1 25th June Foundations and Knowledge Foundations
The Status of Knowledge
2 Foundations and Knowledge