Practicum assignments

All labtasks must be submitted from a computer in the Computer Science labs. Do your work on any computer except lee.
When you are logged into lee you can find the computers' names in /usr/local/etc/hostnames (Hint: computer names are places of civil war battles).

If you want to log into your account from the outside (including when you are wireless on campus) you need to set up ssh. Please follow this link to learn how to set-up ssh and tunnel into lee.

The lab tasks are due by 11:59PM on the Sunday of the due date. When you (think) have completed a lab task, submit the solution files from lee using the submit2 program.

# Due Assignment Value
1 Feb 7th Assignment 1 25%
2 Feb. 28th Assignment 2 25%
3 Apr. 3rd Assignment 3 25%
4 Apr. 24th Assignment 4 25%