CSC322 - Assignments and solutions

To submit programming assignments, create a subdirectoy with the name ASSIGNMENT_no (where no is the number of the current assigment) in your home directory and copy the relevant files to it.

Example: To submit the second assignment, do e.g.

$ cd ~ 
$ mkdir ASSIGNMENT_2
$ cp mystuff/celsius2fahrenheit* ASSIGNMENT_2
$ cp mystuff/imp_metric* ASSIGNMENT2
(where "mystuff" would be the directory you store your C files for the assignment).

If you have trouble submitting your assignment, ask me or send an email to our TA, Raghu, at (please note address change).

Assignment 1 (due Monday, September 9th.)

Assignment 2 (due Monday, September 23rd.)

Assignment 3 (due Monday, September 30th.)

Assignment 4 (due Monday, October 7th.)

Assignment 5 (due Monday, October 21st.)

Assignment 6 (due Monday, November 4th.)

Assignment 7 (due Monday, November 18th.)

Assignment 8 (Internet Programming Assignment) (due Thursday, December 5th.)

Stephan Schulz,, Thu Aug 22 13:35:31 EDT 2002