Applying to Have a Course Approved as a Writing Course

During the Spring of 2015, the Faculty Senate (Legislation #2014-11[B]) mandated a process for courses to be approved by the College Curriculum Committee (the CCC) as writing courses, so they can be used to fulfill the College of Arts and Sciences' "Advanced Writing and Communication Skills" requirement. Here is the list of courses that have been approved by the CCC as writing courses.

To apply to have a course approved as a writing course in the College of Arts and Sciences, you must submit two forms:

  1. A&S form to apply to have a course designated as a writing course.
    Fill in the grey boxes, have the chair sign at the end, and save it as a PDF. Do not put in full course syllabi - provide exactly the information requested. The College of Arts and Sciences 2011 definition of a writing course provides information about what constitutes "writing", which might help you fill in the form.
  2. Registrar's New Course or Course Modification form.
    Check the "WRITING" box. Have the chair sign at the end.
Submit the two PDFs to the CCC by emailing them to Charly Mallery (

If you have multiple courses that have fundamentally the same writing SLOs, writing assignments structure, and revision process, you can fill in the A&S form just once for an exemplar course, and provide the CCC with a list of the course codes and titles for which the form applies. But you do need to provide a course approval form for each course.