Accepted Papers

Regular Papers

  1. Christian Anger, Martin Gebser, Thomas Linke, Andre Neumann and Torsten Schaub
    The nomore++ approach to answer set solving
  2. Jeroen Ketema and Jakob Grue Simonsen
    On Confluence of Infinitary Combinatory Reduction Systems
  3. Yao Wu, Enrico Pontelli and Desh Ranjan
    Computational Issues in Exploiting Dependent And-Parallelism in Logic Programming: Leftness Detection in Dynamic Search Trees
  4. Amine Chaieb and Tobias Nipkow
    Verifying and reflecting quantifier elimination for Presburger arithmetic
  5. Mikhail Sheremet, Dmitry Tishkovsky, Frank Wolter and Michael Zakharyaschev
    Comparative similarity, tree automata, and Diophantine equations
  6. Gopalan Nadathur and Xiaochu Qi
    Optimizing the runtime processing of types in logic programming languages
  7. David Basin, Sebastian Mödersheim and Luca Viganò
    Algebraic Intruder Deductions
  8. Vladimir Aleksic and Anatoli Degtyarev
    Regular Derivations in Basic Superposition-Based Calculi
  9. Galmiche Didier and Méry Daniel
    Characterizing Provability in BI's Pointer Logic through Resource Graphs
  10. Angelo Montanari, Alberto Policriti and Nicola Vitacolonna
    An Algorithmic Account of Winning Strategies in Ehrenfeucht Games on Labeled Successor Structures
  11. Deian Tabakov and Moshe Vardi
    Experimental Evaluation of Classical Automata Constructions
  12. Elaine Pimentel and Dale Miller
    On the specification of sequent systems
  13. Sylvie Coste-Marquis, Caroline Devred and Pierre Marquis
    Inference from controversial arguments
  14. Wolfgang Ahrendt, Andreas Roth and Ralf Sasse
    Automatic Validation of Transformation Rules for Java Verification against a Rewriting Semantics
  15. Hantao Zhang and Haiou Shen
    Another Complete Local Search Method for SAT
  16. Chao Wang, Aarti Gupta, Franjo Ivancic and Malay Ganai
    Deciding Separation Logic Formulae by SAT and Incremental Negative Cycle Elimination
  17. Maarten Mariën, Rudradeb Mitra, Marc Denecker and Maurice Bruynooghe
    Satisfiability checking for PC(ID)
  18. Allen Van Gelder
    Pool Resolution and its Relation to Regular Resolution and DPLL with Clause Learning
  19. Jürgen Dix, Wolfgang Faber and V. Subrahmanian
    The Relationship between Reasoning about Privacy and Default Logics
  20. Salvador Lucas and José Meseguer
    Termination of Fair Computations in Term Rewriting
  21. Christoph Walther and Stephan Schweitzer
    Reasoning about Incompletely Defined Programs
  22. Matthias Hölzl and John Newsome Crossley
    Disjunctive Constraint Lambda Calculi
  23. Florina Piroi and Temur Kutsia
    The Theorema Environment for Interactive Proof Development
  24. Magnus Bjork
    A First Order Extension of Stalmarck's Method
  25. Matthias Baaz and Rosalie Iemhoff
    On interpolation in existence logics
  26. Larchey-Wendling Dominique
    Bounding resource consumption with Gödel-Dummett logics
  27. Carsten Fritz
    Concepts of Automata Construction from LTL
  28. Laura Bozzelli, Aniello Murano and Adriano Peron
    Pushdown Module Checking
  29. Lidia Tendera and Wieslaw Szwast
    On the Finite Satisfiability Problem for the Guarded Fragment with Transitivity
  30. Laura Giordano, Valentina Gliozzi, Nicola Olivetti and Gian Luca Pozzato
    Analytic Tableaux for KLM Preferential and Cumulative Logics
  31. Temur Kutsia and Mircea Marin
    Matching with Regular Constraints
  32. Harvey Tuch and Gerwin Klein
    A Unified Memory Model for Pointers
  33. Mehdi Dastani, Guido Governatori, Antonino Rotolo and Leendert van der Torre
    Programming Cognitive Agents in Defeasible Logic
  34. Dal Alessandro, Dovier Agostino and Pontelli Enrico
    A New Constraint Solver for 3-D Lattices and its Application to the Protein Folding Problem
  35. Bernhard Beckert and Kerry Trentelman
    Second-Order Principles in Specification Languages for Object-Oriented Programs
  36. Annabelle McIver and Tjark Weber
    Towards automated proof support for probabilistic distributed systems
  37. Guillem Godoy and Mirtha-Lina Fernandez
    Recursive Path Orderings can also be Incremental
  38. Jianjun Duan, Joe Hurd, Guodong Li, Scott Owens, Konrad Slind and Junxing Zhang
    Functional Correctness Proofs of Encryption Algorithms
  39. Calvin Kai Fan Tang and Eugenia Ternovska
    Model Checking Abstract State Machines with Answer Set Programming
  40. Henning Christiansen and Davide Martinenghi
    Incremental integrity checking: limitations and possibilities
  41. Marc Bezem and Thierry Coquand
    Automating Geometric Logic
  42. Nachum Dershowitz
    Penrose and the Four Sons
  43. Daniel Dougherty, Silvia Ghilezan, Pierre Lescanne and Silvia Likavec
    Strong normalization of the dual classical sequent calculus
  44. Andrea Ferrara, Guoqiang Pan and Moshe Vardi
    Treewidth in Verification: Local vs. Global
  45. Matthias Daum, Stefan Maus, Norbert Schirmer and Mohamed Nassim Seghir
    Integration of a Software Model Checker into Isabelle
  46. Hitoshi Ohsaki, Jean-Marc Talbot, Yves Roos and Sophie Tison
    Monotone AC-Tree Automata

Short Papers

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