Computer Science Infrastructure

The Indy Lab

I was responsible for the creation of a computer laboratory of undergraduate and graduates for the purposes of research and teaching. The lab consisted of 15 SGI Indy Workstations and a SGI Challenge S server. The choice of these machines had to do with the department's growing strength in graphics, and that Unix remains the platform of choice for research computing. Letters of Justification for the server and the lab itself given other reasons for the choice.

Pre-2000 network architecture.

The department's old local area network

I took over maintanance and expansion of the department's local area network, consisting of traditional 10Base-2 BNC type coax. The runs were given a rational floor plan and color-coded to reduce much confusion. I was also responsible for coming up with the general server architecture, which was marked by a large amount of NFS and NIS network services presentation.