Math 119: Computers and the Internet

You've reached the work-in-progress page for Math 119, to be taught this Fall. This course is for all students, regardless of computer background.
It could well be that by the close of the twenty-first century, a new form of truly accessible programming will be the province of everyone and will be viewed like writing, which was once the province of the ancient scribes but eventually became universally accessible...

Michael Dertouzos,
"What Will Be: How the New World of
Information Will Change Our Lives"

This is a course in basic Computer Literacy. The student will learn how to use a Personal Computer and various popular software packages. However, it is the perspective of this course that Computer Literacy comprises an appreciation and a rudimentary mastery of Computer Programming.

We will learn how to write HTML and how to program in JavaScript. Each student will developWeb Pages using text and word processors, paint programs, and JavaScript. Building a better Web Page is a model for the deeper goals of this course. This task provides an example of how a student can use computers to accomplish objectives. Among the skills acquired are:

Sample JavaScript Pages

  1. Hello World!
  2. Enter Name
  3. Compute Average
  4. Compute Standard Deviation
  5. Blast Off!
  6. Number Build
  7. Linear Regression
  8. Loan Calculations


  1. The HTML RFC
  2. HTML 3.0
  3. Image Mapping
  4. JavaScript Specification
    Preliminary, Ver. 1.1,11/18/96 (In PostScript)
  5. On HTML Comments
  6. Jukka Korpla's Tutorial (Also a Local Copy)
  7. HTML 3.2 Reference copy from WWW3.
  8. Using frames from Creating Net Sites from