Textbooks: Web Services and e-Commerce

I have arranged that most of the books are available electronicly, on-line from University of Miami library.

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There are lots and lots of books that you could get. There is so much on-line that, strictly speaking, no book is necessary. We will be covering a lot of material, so I have tried to structure the reading list so that you can decide what you need as an organized book, and what you will deal with from on-line resources.

I have orgainzed the list as beginning books, which are recommended if either for ease of entry into the material, or if you have little experience and are feeling overwhelmed; intermediate, which we will get to down the road, and which might help you deepen your knowledge; and advanced, which I've selected to be worth the money, but are certainly optional.

Finally, there are books are the aesthetics of the website, something which I'm interested in, but are also optional and might not be of interest to everyone. Aesthetics should include:

Many of these books are available on-line through UM and Safari. Go to http://proquest.safaribooksonline.com/ from on-campus. There are also some books there that can substitute for those listed below, if you are not at all interested in having a hard copy book.

Beginning Books

Alternate Beginning Books

Intermediate Topics

Advanced Topics

Aesthetics and Usability