The CADE ATP System Competition

Deadlines and Important Dates

What When Where

System registration deadline 27th June 2003
System descriptions deadline 27th June 2003
Sample solutions deadline 27th June 2003
System submission for problem rating 27th June 2003
Access to general hardware 4th July 2003
System installation deadline 18th July 2003
Soundness testing reports 22nd July 2003
Unsoundness repairs completed 25th July 2003
CASC dinner and T-shirt distribution 7:00pm, 30th July 2003 TBA
Start of competition 8:30am, 31st July 2003 Executive Boardroom
Results presentation 5:00pm, 31st July 2003 Le Jardin Room
Trophy presentation 31st July 2003 CADE banquet