CSC120 Computer Programming I: Fall 2016 Course Home Page

Time and Location
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3:30-4:45PM, Witten Learning Center 160.

Mitsunori Ogihara (email: ogihara "at" cs "dot" miami "dot" edu, mogihara "at" m iami "dot" edu)
Office: Ungar 310J
Phone: 305-284-2308 (I usually do not answer the phone)

Office Hours
Thursdays, 9:30AM to noon.
Appointments can be scheduled outside the hours - send email to the instructor

Course Description
This course teaches the fundamentals of computer programming using Java. It provides an introduction to Java programming. The sequel CSC220 Data Strucures introduces the students to the more advance concept of data structures. CSC120 inroduces to the more basic principles in computing. The topics covered include (but not limited to):

MTH108 (prereq) or MTH140 (coreq) or MAS110 (coreq)
(This is the minimum math/stat requirement. If you have already taken or are currently enrolled in one of MTH141, MTH151, MTH161, MTH162, MTH171, and MTH172, you don't have to any one of the corequisite courses.) See the instructor if you have a question about the math requirement.

Stuart Reges and Marty Stepp, Building Java Programs: a Back to Basics Approach, Fourth Edition. CSC120 will cover Chapters 1 - 9 and 12 (excluding Chapter 3G). The remainder of the chapters may be used in CSC220.

Course work and Grading
The course grade comes from quizzes, homework assignments, exams, and labs/project.

Links to Materials

  1. Lab Assignments and Projects
    Click this link for information about the labs and the project.
  2. Homework Assignments
    The link here may provide information this link about the homework assignments. The assignments will be provided as they become ready.
  3. Schedule at a Glance
    You can also to the course schedule as a table.

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