Exploration of Heterogeneous Data Using Robust Similarity
a generic similarity- based exploration technique that is applicable to a wide variety of datatypes and their combinations, including heterogeneous ensembles.
Analysis and Visualization of Large Ensembles of Model-simulated SOCCOM Float Trajectories
Spatial probability map of ensembles of ARGO floats released at potential deployment sites along cruise routes: computed and visualized using the generalized notion of band depth and radial basis function interpolation.
On Evaluation of Ensemble Forecast Calibration Using the Concept of Data Depth
Identifiability issue associated with center-outward order to generate multivariate rank histograms is alleviated using depth-versus-depth plot.
Path Boxplots: A Method for Characterizing Uncertainty in Path Ensembles on a Graph
A method for characterizing uncertainty of ensembles of path on a graph.
Visualizing Uncertainty of Time-Specific Hurricane Predictions
A method for characterizing uncertainty of hurricane tracks using simplicial depth.
[EuroVis15][30 sec. video]
Curve Boxplot
An uncertainty visualization scheme for ensembles of multivariate functions.
[VIS14][30 sec. video]
Contour Boxplots
Visualization of ensembles of isocontours based on statistical analysis using generalized notion of data depth.
[VIS13][30 sec. video][wiki]
Evaluating Alignment of Shapes by Ensemble Visualization
Application of contour boxplot visualization for studying aligment of ensemble of volumetric brain images.
Sparse Tomographic Reconstruction
A spline-based compressive sensing framework for tomographic reconstruction from limited number of projection angles.
Visualization Using Compressive Sensing
A compressive sensing method for volume rendering.
Mixed Aleatory and Epistemic Uncertainty Quantification Using Fuzzy Set Theory
An algorithm to construct fuzzy probabilities to represent uncertainty in a limited-size ensemble.
Application of Uncertainty Modeling Frameworks to Uncertain Isosurface Extraction
An uncertainty-based marching cubes template as an abstraction of the conventional marching cubes algorithm with a flexible uncertainty measure.
Hexagonal Smoothness-Increasing Accuracy-Conserving Filtering
Introduced the first nonseparable SIAC filter for hexagonal lattice.
Multi-dimensional filtering: Reducing the dimension through rotation
Introduced the SIAC line filter and explore how the orientation, structure and filter size affect the order of accuracy and global errors.
Smoothness-Increasing Accuracy-Conserving (SIAC) Filtering and Quasi-Interpolation: A Unified View
Established the theoretical connection between SIAC filtering and long-standing concepts in approximation theory.
Fast Evaluation of Voronoi Splines
An exact polynomial representation of second order Voronoi splines using clustering.
[to appear]
Quasi Interpolation
A prefiltering technique designed based on Fourier transform of Voronoi splines to reduce oversmoothing.
Voronoi Splines
A spline family for approximation on optimal sampling lattices including body centered cubic (BCC) and face centered cubic (FCC).

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