A Study of Multivariate Rank Histograms Based on the Concept of Data Depth
Identifiability issue associated with center-outward order to generate multivariate rank histograms is alleciated using depth-versus-depth plot.
Path Boxplots: A Method for Characterizing Uncertainty in Path Ensembles on a Graph
A method for characterizing uncertainty of ensembles of path on a graph.
Visualizing Uncertainty of Time-Specific Hurricane Predictions
A method for characterizing uncertainty of hurricane tracks using simplicial depth.
[EuroVis15][30 sec. video]
Curve Boxplot
An uncertainty visualization scheme for ensembles of multivariate functions.
[VIS14][30 sec. video]
Contour Boxplots
Visualization of ensembles of isocontours based on statistical analysis using generalized notion of data depth.
[VIS13][30 sec. video][wiki]
Evaluating Alignment of Shapes by Ensemble Visualization
Application of contour boxplot visualization for studying aligment of ensemble of volumetric brain images.
Sparse Tomographic Reconstruction
A spline-based compressive sensing framework for tomographic reconstruction from limited number of projection angles.
Visualization Using Compressive Sensing
A compressive sensing method for volume rendering.
Mixed Aleatory and Epistemic Uncertainty Quantification Using Fuzzy Set Theory
An algorithm to construct fuzzy probabilities to represent uncertainty in a limited-size ensemble.
Application of Uncertainty Modeling Frameworks to Uncertain Isosurface Extraction
An uncertainty-based marching cubes template as an abstraction of the conventional marching cubes algorithm with a flexible uncertainty measure.
Multi-dimensional filtering: Reducing the dimension through rotation
Introduced the SIAC line filter and explore how the orientation, structure and filter size affect the order of accuracy and global errors.
Smoothness-Increasing Accuracy-Conserving (SIAC) Filtering and Quasi-Interpolation: A Unified View
Established the theoretical connection between SIAC filtering and long-standing concepts in approximation theory.
Fast Evaluation of Voronoi Splines
An exact polynomial representation of second order Voronoi splines using clustering.
[to appear]
Quasi Interpolation
A prefiltering technique designed based on Fourier transform of Voronoi splines to reduce oversmoothing.
Voronoi Splines
A spline family for approximation on optimal sampling lattices including body centered cubic (BCC) and face centered cubic (FCC).

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