Moon Glow Haulout Notes

March 2016

  1. Booked 8am haulout for Friday 4th. Had planned to go up in morning, but worked out it's impossible to get 6am opening at Brickhill and get to yard before 6:30am bridge lock down. So ...
  2. Left CGSC 4:30pm Thursday 3rd, got to Brickhill 5:40pm, took 6pm opening, got clean openings up river to Hurricane Cove at 6:45pm. Left boat at haulout finger (I convinced Rafael to not charge $75 overnight fee). Took Uber back.
  3. Drove up for 8am haulout Friday 4th, bottom pressure wash, on sticks by 9:30am.
  4. Sanded, washed, moved sticks, sanded, washed, all done Friday. Moved sticks to sand under them in afternoon, tipped dude $10.
  5. Took of centre board cover, found aluminium pulley oxidized and falling apart. Cleaned up, took out bolt and remaining part of pulley.
  6. Started on rudder to get all paint off for CopperCoat, using rotary paint sander. It was the wrong tool, see next.
  7. Saturday starts here ...
  8. Ubbo and Christine came 8am. Ubbo hit rudder with Bill's belt sander (I bought new belts Friday evening). That worked well. Christine taped waterline.
  9. Did first coat Trinidad Pro (same as SR but cheaper) 9:30am. Mixed paint with new stirrer from Home Depot - much better than Bill's old one. Forgot to put in thinner, but did put in M-1 anti-mildew.
  10. After first coat started on CopperCoat process. Mixed OK, used foam roller which was wrong. Swapped to 1/4" fur which was better. Need to put on thin to avoid runs. One hour turn around between coats (45 mins dry, 10 mmins prep, etc.). Did 5 coats (planned 4, but each mix of 1/4 of bottle was too much). Used spare on end of centre board.
  11. Bought white platic pulley for centre board, put in, sealed all up with 5200.
  12. Did second coat of paint 2:30pm.
  13. Moved sticks around 5:30pm, putting plastic bags on them to stop sticking to paint - it really works. Sanded, did first coat paint where sticks were.
  14. Bent head through hull lever so it doesn't catch on hose.
  15. Sunday starts here ...
  16. Did second coat where sticks were at.
  17. Starting marking for stripes, at 2' intervals. Esther arrived and helped mark for stripes.
  18. Removed mainsail for repair.
  19. Marked colours for stripes, and Xed each second one for painting.
  20. Painted stripes. By time each second one was done they were dry enough to do inbetween. Esther used fur roller, which was too thick - I used foam which was better.
  21. Peeled off tape and retaped for bottom of bootstripe.
  22. Monday starts here ...
  23. Booked 8am splash for Wednesday.
  24. Taped top of bootstripe, and painted.
  25. Moved sticks - tipped dude $6.
  26. Second coat of paint on areas where sticks were. Filled in places of stripes where sticks were at. Got some ablative paint from Jim (guy across way) for blue. Let's see how that lasts.
  27. Put back centre board, but found that threaded hole on starboard side had stripped. Bought 5/16 tap from Shell to fix (on Tuesday).
  28. Did second coat on bootstripe.
  29. Tuesday starts here ...
  30. Helped Randy and Renny bring Osita up. Went back in Uber with Renny, and borrowed drill bit for fixing CB pin.
  31. Drilled and tapped the CB pin. Didn't have a pan head screw in SS, so used the V-screw. Yak.
  32. Sanded the CopperCoat. Started with #320 as recommended, but that's way too slow, so used #80 and #60. Got it back to something reasonable.
  33. Packed up.
  34. Wednesday starts here ...
  35. Drove up with Randy 7:30am, paid. Boat in sling by 8:15am, painted where it had been on blocks, in water by 9am. All well (no leaks).
  36. Head down river at 9:00am, but could not make Brickhill by 9:30am, and had to tie up at sea wall to wait for 10am opening.
  37. Tipped Jonathan $20.
  38. Back to club about 11am.

Materials List

Tools List

May 2012

  1. Left CGSC with Randy, Carol, and Esther at 2:00-2:30pm on Monday 28th May 2012 (Memorial Day). Got to Brickhill around 3:20pm, and got a bridge opening on request (because it was Memorial Day). Stopped at Waxy's for a beer on the way up, and got to Hurricane Cove around 5:30pm. Stayed on the boat overnight.
  2. Remembered to take extension cord, sander, and sandpaper off boat before hauling.
  3. Hauled out 8:00am Tuesday morning ($300), pressure washed ($60 + $45 EPA, + $5 for Chris), and put on blocks/stands.
  4. Arranged for Jonathan to polish the hull ($250).
  5. The CB dropped as the boat was put on the stands - the pin holding the cable had corroded away - lucky timing!
  6. Started sanding but had only 100 grit paper - 60 grit is best. Called for a cab around 10:30am to go home and get my car with all the tools and materials. Randy arrived with his ladder as the cab arrived. Bill was there when I got back, and was looking at the CB issue and cutlass bearing.
  7. Worked with Bill to drop the CB and cut a "lid" off the trunk inside. This was a smart move - now it's accessible. Drilled out the sides of the trunk using Bill's right-angle drill attachment, and ground out the holes until the bolt could be knocked out. The pulley was very delapidated, with one side gone and the hole very worn.
  8. Worked with Bill to remove the propellor - Bill's small puller worked with a hose clamp holding the ends onto the prop. Used the prop nut to keep the thrust bolt centred.
  9. The cutlass bearing had slid right up the shaft. Detached the flange from the engine and tried to pull the flange off the shaft - it would not come off. However, it turned out to be unnecessary - I slid the shaft back and the cutlass bearing came out. It was not badly worn, but enough to warrant replcement.
  10. Spent the afternoon debating the CB issue (esp. whether or not to replace and/or recess the fitting). Concluded it was not necessary, but that we should use a larger pin. Also completed sanding - the green slime was stuborn, but I didn't want to sand back too far. Bill put JB weld into the cutlass bearing set screw holes.
  11. Randy filled the "lid" from the trunk with epoxy, which expanded too much. He took it home that night and sanded it flat.
  12. Jonathan did the acid clean - it's important to have this done before any painting starts!
  13. Wednesday morning I went shopping for parts. Bought new set screws for the cutlass bearing from Hopkins-Carter ($1 Bought new cutlass bearing from Anchor Miami Propeller ($30 Bought aluminium pulley from Sailing Services ($16 who also could get an SS pulley but that would take a few days.
  14. Got back from shopping to find the effects of the acid cleaning. Washed the boat to try get off the green slime (didn't help), and also to get the acid cleaning mess off a bit. Taped the waterline with fineline and blue tape - I think the fineline is overkill for Moon Glow. Did a coat of paint along the waterline using old paint from 2011 (added MS-1 mildew repellant, 5-10% mineral spirits for thinning).
  15. Bill arrived and worked on the CB fitting, filing the hole larger to accept the thicker pin. I painted the boat - bought a can of Trindad SR from the store ($250).
  16. Bill and I fitted the new cutlass bearing. Bill tapped the set screw holes, and we drilled dimples into the bearing for the set screws. Put Goop on the bearing before sliding it up and tightening the set screws.
  17. Randy kindly went searching for a bronze or SS pulley
  18. Randy and I did the work to install the new pulley. We drilled out the port hole a bit more so the new bolt would be square. Randy set the bolt with JB weld, and we left that overnight to set.
  19. Bill sat under the next boat adding undercoat to the prop.
  20. I used Bill's grinder to grind out the two big blisters on the starboard side (next year I must do the one on the port side). Bill encouraged me to grind out deep and wide, to get the whole blister out. Used acetone to dry them out.
  21. Jonathan was employed to fill the two blisters ($20), which he completed that evening after we had left. He use chopped strand mat and polyurethane resin - should it rather have been epoxy resin?
  22. Thursday morning (in the rain) Jonathan moved the stands. We put Publix bags on the stands so they would not scratch the new paint - that was a good idea, and it really worked.
  23. Bought a can of non-SR Trinidad paint from Jonathan ($100).
  24. I put back together the flange, and put in the shaft set screws with blue loctite.
  25. Bill and I reinstalled the CB. The trick is to put a broom pole through first, and then fiddle in the rod. We had to put a longer screw in one side because the thread in the rod is getting stripped.
  26. Bill and I put back the prop, using blue loctite to lock the prop nut and the zinc prop nut. Put back the zinc.
  27. I refitted the "lid" in the trunk, sealing it with white epoxy (Harrison's advice). It's held down with 6 self-tapping SS screws.
  28. I did more painting. I also ground back the filling that Jonathan had done, using Bill's grinder first and then the sander. That exposed some bubbles which someone filled with resin while I wasn't watching.
  29. Bill, Esther, and I did a final coat of roll-and-tip. Didn't do it as well as last year.
  30. Friday morning I reconnected the CB cable - I had to crush it a bit to get the pin through the holes over the cable.
  31. Put a layer of Goop over the trunk fittings to help seal it.
  32. Randy and I played with the CB, and found that it got stuck up. I sanded back the paint quite a bit, some of which was still wet underneath. Some small parts of the board now do not have paint - must watch for barnacles.
  33. Paid the bill ($878 ($250+$60+$45 already noted)), tipped Jonathan ($30), tipped Chris ($5), and splashed at 3:00pm.
  34. Found that the bolt for the CB pulley was seeping some water. After a short debate Randy and I concluded that it would seal itself, which it did within a day.
  35. Went to the CGSC AGM in the evening, then back to the boat to sleep.
  36. Saturday started here.
  37. Cleaned the boat deck in the morning.
  38. Randy arrived, and we left at 10:00am down the river. Made the 10:30am opening at Brickhill, which was good time.
  39. Sailed in the bay a bit, but the board wouldn't drop. I subsequently got it down at the mooring by grabbing it with vice-grips around cloth.
  40. Got back about 1:30pm.

May 2011

  1. Left CGSC with Randy at 9:30-10:00am on Monday 30th May 2011. Got to Brickhill 11:50am, and got good bridge openings. Must remember to take handheld radio so it's possible to radio the bridges without going downstairs.
  2. Looked at Austral, but it was cramped and did not have a decent travel-lift, so we went back to Hurricane Cove.
  3. Hauled out ($300). The stern strap has to be carefully placed, between the centreboard and the rudder - it just fits.
  4. Pressure wash ($60 + $45 EPA) delayed until Tuesday morning because the pressure washer was busted. Did everything, including trunk. Maybe it would be a good idea to pull out the centreboard beforehand, if possible.
  5. Scraped Monday. Sanded Tuesday morning with the jitter sander - that's the right type of sander for the job - very easy. Sand just enough to remove the barnacle rings. Left the areas under the stands until after painting the whole other areas.
  6. Bill found some small blisters, which he fixed on Wednesday/Thursday with Randy's epoxy. The two pump system for mixing the epoxy makes it easy to get the right ratio. Cleaned the blister holes with acetone to dry them, before epoxying.
  7. Jonathan at the yard offered to repair the hull damage, which was a good deal ($240 (after starting at $200 for only the starboard side, agreed $225 for both sides, pain $240 to get perfect service)).
  8. Randy and I fixed the drain seacock by taking off the handle and hitting the shaft with a hammer. In retrospect that could have been done in the water, but I was nervous to play with that seacock in the water because it's below the waterline.
  9. Started painting on Wednesday, using Trinidad SR ($100 from Dania flea market), then Trinidad Pro ($240 from Hurricane Cove - they charge a $100 fee if you don't buy some paint from them).
  10. Painted waterline with two extra coats before other parts.
  11. Dropped out the centreboard, sanded board, cleaned trunk, and painted with three coats of non-thinned paint. That might have been overkill?
  12. Painted hull except stand areas and blisters on Wednesday/Thursday, with help from Bill and Renny. Roll and tip seriously makes it smoother - I'm now a believer.
  13. Moved the stands and support blocks to sand and paint those areas. Next time the centreboard will go up all the way, so we can get at the area between the centreboard and the rudder - it was not done this time, so I'll see barnacles there.
  14. Bill fixed the keel damage with epoxy and strand mat. Taped plastic on it while drying to get a smooth finish, which was sanded before painting.
  15. Cleaned the prop with pool acid, and did an undercoat of paint bought at West Marine ($25)
  16. Painted the prop and blister areas at the end.
  17. On Thursday I booked for a 1pm splash on Friday. That does have to be booked - luckily I asked about payment on Thursday, and the lady told me I needed to book a slot. Must remember to do this.
  18. Did fixes on the centreboard cable connection to the board. Removed the old hose loop, inserted an eye bolt, and put a thimble on the cable with a Nicopress. That turned out to not work right, because the fittings would not let the centreboard go up fully. Drilled and cut out the hole in the trunk some more, which helped but not enough. Subsequently, after getting back to CGSC, found out that the cable got jammed somewhere in this process. We should have checked it while in the yard, damn it. Still to be fixed as of June 2011.
  19. Put new hose clamps on the rudder post (with some effort!)
  20. Installed a prop nut and zinc. Bill had drilled out the hole in the shaft earlier, so the pin would go in easily enough.
  21. Installed a new engine zinc. It leaked when the engine was started, so I added Teflon tape and tightened - that worked.
  22. Paid the bill. Got charged two days of extra workers ($30) and two days of use of Jonathan's scaffold ($30 unexpected).
  23. Splashed at 1pm on Friday 3rd June.
  24. After splash, checked all in water fittings.
  25. Tipped Jonathan ($20)
  26. Renny helped with the down river trip - it really does need two people to make life easy. Got reasonable bridge openings, and got back to CGSC around 4pm. 1pm is a good splash time.
  27. Next time, check EVERYTHING before splashing (see the tale of the centreboard above).