D.F.M. DiveRs

2000 October 26-29 Trip


The Edge of the Continental Shelf

and coming back via

Reefs in the B Zone on the
Eastern Side of Magnetic Passage

Divers The boat "NJoy"
  1. Rowena Billingsley
  2. Andrew Wargo
  3. Karen Stewart
  4. Trisha Oura
  5. Kristin Lee
  6. Fred Klockars
  7. Jason Schreck
  8. Cathryn Clarke
  9. Steph Bush
  10. Patricia Tedrick
  11. Megan Mitchell
  12. Peter Bevan
  13. Josh Kelly

The boat and boat crew were organized through ProDive Townsville.

Dive crew
  • Geoff Sutcliffe (Instructor)
  • Andrew (Dive Master)
Boat crew
  • Dave Cameron (Skipper)
  • Lex Lambeck (Deckie)

Spinner dolphins swimming in the bow wave, on the way in to Myrmidon Reef (about 5:30am)
Coral at Myrmidon Reef
Patricia in a gully at Myrmidon
Kristin relaxing between dives at Myrmidon
Geoff proving that Josh's camera works upside down
The snorkelling view on the top of Myrmidon Reef (Northwest side)
Bottlenose dolphins swimming in the bow wave, travelling round Myrmidon Reef
Coral at Dip Reef
Fred reading his fish books at Dip
Karen, not reading Fred's fish books
Someone swimming over coral somewhere (Glow Reef?)
Fred and Megan, on the way home
Jason, the lobster
Patricia, with Townsville in the background
Everyone ...
  • Fred and Peter up top
  • Andrew, Rowina, Geoff, Lex, Steph, Megan, and Karen sitting
  • Trish, Patricia, Jason, Josh, Cathryn, and Kristin, on the deck.

What the divers said ...

Patricia Tedrick ...
Thanks for another awesome trip! I had a great time yet again!
Kristin Lee ...
Thank you so much for taking us on the trip! It was really amazing and I had heaps of fun.
Karen Stewart ...
Many thanks for the wonderful excursion to the outer reefs! I deeply enjoyed the diving and photo opportunities...Thanks again!