D.F.M. DiveRs

1999 October 28-31 Trip


The Edge of the Continental Shelf

and coming back via

The Reefs on the
Southern Side of Magnetic Passage

Divers The boat "Running Free II"
  1. Eleonora Pacheco
  2. Rob Nelson
  3. Keith Fischer
  4. Robert Goodwill
  5. John Anderson
  6. Ryan Wanger
  7. Hans Skatter
  8. Zoe Miller
  9. Oyvind Hetland
  10. Thor Vollan
  11. Bente Ulvestad
  12. Erik Ålgård
  13. Merete Ekmark
  14. Stian Veka
  15. KC Cannon
  16. Sara Wisemiller

The boat and boat crew were organized through ProDive Townsville. Check out the boat's dive deck and down stairs quarters.

Dive crew
  • Geoff Sutcliffe (Instructor)
Boat crew
  • Luis Sanches (Skipper)
  • Lex Lambeck (Deckie)

The dives and snorkels ...

Your skipper and instructor, ready to go ...
Lots of coral at Myrmidon Reef.
Keith seemed to attract sharks. Here's a bronze whaler at Myrmidon (I think, or is it a white tip at Dip Reef?).
Oyvind demonstrating the effects of nitrogen narcosis, before a dive a Myrmidon.
Rob cruising for photos, somewhere.
Keith cruising for photos, somewhere.
Relaxing on the foredeck, on the way from Myrmidon to Dip Reef. Bottom left - Sara's head. On the port side - Thor, Bente, Zoe. On the rope box - Oyvind, Merete, KC. On the starboard facing forward - Keith. In the middle - Stian and Erik.
Hans levitating over the ocean at Dip Reef.
It's not just diving. DFM DiveRs also offers a full range of health and hair care services. Here Geoff trims the knots out of Eleonora's hair. She requested this, I promise.
Bente and the sunset, at Glow Reef.
A box crab found by Keith on the night dive at Glow Reef.
Cuttlefish, on the night dive at Glow Reef.
Keith and Sara in the water at Helix Reef.
One of the swim-throughs at Helix Reef, with a Baramundi cod in it.
Table coral near the surface at Helix Reef.
Stian listening to music on the foredeck.
Erik on the foredeck, on the way home going past Magnetic Island. Stian looking at the island, Geoff looking out for potholes.
Trust me, I'm a dive instructor.

What the divers said ...