D.F.M. DiveRs

1999 May Trip


The Reefs of Magnetic Passage


The Edge of the Continental Shelf

Divers The boat "Running Free II"
  • Matthias Fuchs
  • Robert Goodwill
  • Jakob Krogh
  • Michelle Rutten
  • Nina Jensen
  • Kydd Pollock
  • Jonas Stenstrom
  • Sheng Oon
  • Ben Lee
  • Phil Blake
  • Lex Lambeck
  • Lara Santana
  • Charlotte Berkstrom
  • Brett Lezamiz
  • Henri Sankala

The boat and boat crew were organized through ProDive Townsville. Check out the boat's dive deck and down stairs quarters.

Dive crew
  • Geoff Sutcliffe (Instructor)
  • Patricia Sutcliffe (Instructor)
Boat crew
  • Luis Sanches (Skipper)
  • Damien Sweeney (Deckie)

Jakob, suddenly realising he's getting wet.
Patricia, sinning along at Faraday Reef.
Phil and a clam at Faraday.
Clockwise from bottom left, Brett (all you see is the cap), Jakob, Nina, Charlotte, sunning between dives.
Nina and Patricia in the lounge, working out their pressure groups on the dive tables, it looks like.
Patricia and Luis in their place, washing up after chicken dinner at Faraday Reef.
Ben with staghorn coral at Myrmidon Reef.
Everyone swimming away from the photographer (Sheng) at Myrmidon.
Sheng decides he needs to look for a new dive buddy.
Jonas free diving at Myrmidon.
Dolphins round the boat at Myrmidon.
More "Dancing with Dolphins" (that's one for Luis).
Geoff and Damien playing scientists for GBRMPA, taking GPS readings.
Ben, Lara, Phil, Damien, Sheng, one the dive deck before a night dive.
A decent size cuttlefish, on the night dive at Myrmidon Reef.
Phil, inverted (or is that invertibrated?).
Great coral and fish life at Lodestone Reef.
The breakfast queue on the way home. Geoff cooking, and in the queue Michelle, Brett, Kydd, unidentified arm, Phil.
Eating after queueing, from left to right: Geoff's head, Lara, Lex, someone behind Lex, Kydd, headless body, Jonas, Henri, Sheng.
Below: Everyone on the foredeck. From left to right: Jakob, Charlotte, Kydd, Nina, Michelle, Jonas (lying), Brett, Phil.

What the divers said ...

Phil Blake
thanks once again for a very memorable trip