D.F.M. DiveRs

1998 September Trip


Wheeler Reef and the Yongala

Divers The boat "Hero"
  • Henrik Westergaard (AOW course)
  • Robert Goodwill
  • Kristi Rainer (AOW course)
  • Laura Steinmann (AOW course)
  • Kelly Krell (AOW course)
  • Jana Mott (AOW course)
  • Adrienne Davis
  • Masaharu Mizukami
  • Isobel Anderson
  • Carlo (from the Dive Bell)
  • Justin (from the Dive Bell)
  • Peter (from Sun City Watersports)

The boat and boat crew were organized through The Dive Bell.

Dive crew
  • Geoff Sutcliffe (Instructor)
  • Sarah Dobbs (closet Instructor)
Boat crew
  • Roy (Skipper)
  • Marty (Mate)
  • Dave (Cook)

Kristi, Henrik, and Laura, ready to dive at Wheeler Reef. Marty in the background logging divers into the water.
Some rich coral growth at Wheeler Reef. Do you think the visibility was OK?
Some small staghorn and a huge brain coral at Wheeler Reef.
Jana and Kristi attacking Dave's lasagne, for lunch on Saturday. Spot Dave and Kelly in the background, and Isobel sitting working up an appetite.
The instructor is let out of his cabin to do some work
Lazing on the roof between dives. That's Kristi filming Sarah, with Jana and Laura lying in the sun.
Henrik, hard at work, with Kelly, Laura, and Jana. With four girls and himself in the AOW class, Henrik was not unhappy at all.
Jana, Laura, Kelly, and Henrik, about to go down to the Yongala. That's Carlo with the hat in the background, and Mike Ball's Spoilsport floating behind us.
A reef fish on the Yongala. Divers often forget to mention these, because there are so many other huge things swimming around the Yongala.
An olive sea snake searching for its lunch on the Yongala. Friendly creatures.
Successful Advanced Open Water class: Kristi, Jana, Laura, Kelly, and Henrik, with Geoff standing behind.

What the divers said ...

Masaharu Mizukami ...
I was enjoyed our diving trip very very much!! It was all my first experience (GBR, night and Yongala). My busy day started as usual. But before I leave here, I want go diving more. Dive, sleep, eat...... no work, it is so nice. Please tell me when you have nice plan again.
Isobel Anderson ...
Yes! The yongala was a magic experience!!
Kelly Krell ...
yeah :) it was worth it though-- what an incredible trip!! thanks for everything!