D.F.M. DiveRs

1998 October Trip


Keeper Reef, Wheeler Reef,
Davies Reef, and Yongala

Divers The boat "Running Free II"
  • Alexandre Kirsch
  • Robert Goodwill
  • Jessa Hills (AOW)
  • Jesyka Deschene (AOW)
  • Olle Calles
  • Jen Kunzelman (AOW)
  • Fran Trippett (AOW)
  • Lex Lambeck (AOW)
  • Patricia Davis
  • Megan Berkle (AOW)
  • Julianna Wyman
  • Glenn Ricci
  • Melissa Babbie (AOW)
  • Derek Shyu (AOW)
  • Norbert Zombai

The boat and boat crew were organized through ProDive Townsville. Check out the boat's dive deck and down stairs quarters.

Dive crew
  • Geoff Sutcliffe (Instructor)
  • Damien Sweeney (Deckie)
Boat crew
  • Luis Sanches (Skipper)

The crew ... Luis, Geoff, Damien
Diving at Davies Reef. From left to right: Olle, Fran about to step in, Megan, Patricia, Melissa, Alexander, Geoff (hiding face in shame), Damien.
A batfish at the Yongala wreck.
Lex relaxing in the Running Free spa.
Zodiac surfing away from the Yongala. Spoilsport in the background.
Everyone on the dive deck. From left to right (I think!): Olle, Jen, small bit of Damien's head behind Jessa, Lex, Megan in the blue hat, Derek, Norbert, Robert, Alex and Fran behind Megan, then Patricia and Jesyka with Melissa kneeling in front.

What the divers said ...