Mini Apps

The percentage value of each mini app is indicated with the app.

Answers will be posted in some cases.

# Due App Notes Value
18 4th December Facing Home Orientation
17 4th December Where Am I Again? Locators and Geodecoding 2.0%
16 15th November Count Me In Preferences 1.0%
15 13th November Email a Photo Contacts and Email 2.0%
14 8th November Timed Text SQLite Databases 3.0%
13 30th October Picture Song The Media Store
Content Providers
12 25th October Snapping Away Media Camera 2.0%
11 16th October Video with Music Media Player 2.0%
10 11th October Talking Buttons Media TTS 2.0%
9 9th October Show a Photo Dialog Dialogs 2.0%
8 27th September Fragmented Buttons Fragments 2.0%
7 25th September List of Pictures Menus 2.0%
6 20th September Killing Countries Adapter Elements 2.0%
5 13th September Clock Pickers UI Non-Container Elements 1.0%
4 11th September Rating Progress UI Non-Container Elements 2.0%
3 6th September TicTacToc Layout UI Basics
UI Basic Containers
2 6th September Choose A Nice Photo The Activity Life Cycle
Starting and Ending Activities
1 30th August Buttons, Menus, Debugging Hello World Button