101 Reasons to Attend IJCAR 2008

  1. It can't be just a coincidence that 8.00/2 = 4
  2. It's sponsored by NICTA
  3. It's sponsored by The Australian National University
  4. Sydney is a great place for a conference
  5. You'll be able to watch some footy
  6. John Slaney will be there
  7. Edith Cowan University was the birth place of the TPTP
  8. Climb Sydney harbour bridge
  9. It's where ROO was developed
  10. It's where 'roos live
  11. Toby Walsh moved to Australia from Ireland
  12. Western Australia was "Home of the Americas Cup"
  13. There's a really Great Barrier Reef
  14. The weather will be great
  15. You can catch a crocodile (but not a sting ray)
  16. Melbourne is the home of the Mercury project
  17. Think of all the frequent flyer points you'll earn
  18. Australia has the best cricket team
  19. Burger King is called Hungry Jacks
  20. Norman Foo is a good bloke
  21. Visit Uluru
  22. Collect your free copy of KtSeqC, a prover for the minimal tense logic Kt
  23. Find out what G12 is all about
  24. You should visit Fraser island
  25. Michael J. "Crocodile" Dundee lived in Walkabout Creek
  26. It's fun to swim at Bondi beach
  27. You can learn a lot from Bob Meyer
  28. Learn to speak "strine"
  29. Some great beers are brewed in Australia
  30. Take a cruise on Sydney harbour
  31. It's where the Logic Summer School is held
  32. You can visit the outback
  33. There was a memorandum of understanding between ANU and ICOT
  34. Graham Priest lives there
  35. It's quite unlikely that a dingo took her baby
  36. Mary-Anne Williams works in Australia
  37. CADE-14 was held in Townsville, Northern Queensland
  38. Australia has some philosophers named Bruce
  39. Some very good wines are available
  40. You can do some logic for fun
  41. The Mad Max movies were filmed in Australia
  42. Jia Meng used to work there
  43. You can find out all about the L4.verified project
  44. You could visit Yallingup
  45. Australia has strict gun laws
  46. SCOTT was developed in Australia
  47. You'll go to a dunny
  48. Rolf Harris comes from Australia
  49. Google gives about 629000 hits for the query " automated reasoning australia"
  50. Microsoft Live search gives about 62000 hits for the query " automated reasoning australia"
  51. Australia is still part of the Commonwealth
  52. Did you watch Priscilla Queen of the Desert?
  53. Jeremy Dawson does many interesting things
  54. Learn to sing Waltzing Matilda
  55. Claude Sammut's RoboCup team was quite good
  56. Work on your "seven summits" by climbing Mount Kosciuszko
  57. Leon Sterling wrote a good book about Prolog
  58. Imagine getting "Blotto at Rotto"
  59. Sailing is a fun way to get from Sydney to Hobart
  60. John Lloyd explained the Foundations of Logic Programming
  61. There's a great venue for singing
  62. You have to eat a meat pie
  63. It's no longer necessary to be a criminal
  64. Tasmania really is part of Australia
  65. Andrew Trevorrow wrote OzTeX
  66. You can toss another shrimp on the barbie
  67. Not many countries have had a "conventicle" on knowledge representation
  68. You can ride the Manly ferry
  69. It'll make you think
  70. You should be satisfied talking to Anbulagan
  71. You can go SCUBA diving on the wreck of the SS Yongala
  72. You might see a sleeping Koala bear
  73. David Billington might tell you something plausible
  74. If you've nothing to do on Thursday, take a ferry to an island
  75. Learn some Australian songs
  76. You can visit the formal methods group at the University of Western Australia
  77. Take a trip to meet the three sisters
  78. See the three heads
  79. Eat souvlaki in the the third largest Greek city in the world
  80. Foster's is brewed in Australia
  81. Learn to drink Kalua through a TimTam
  82. Make up for having missed AI07
  83. IJCAR is your best chance to get close to the Galactic Centre
  84. Elvis Presley will not be there (unless you believe!)
  85. Charles Darwin University would have been better than Iowa for developing that ATP system
  86. See great white sharks up close
  87. Play golf with a great white shark
  88. It's not New Zealand (although that's quite close by)
  89. Australia has some amazing people
  90. There are 7692024 square kilometers to visit
  91. There are over 21 million people to meet
  92. Swim with whale sharks on Ningaloo reef
  93. Vegemite!
  94. You can cross the Nullarbor
  95. Join the Australasian Assocation for Logic
  96. Bruce Litow is available to answer questions about numbers
  97. It's a country whose prime minister who held the yard-of-ale record at UWA
  98. You'll learn how to pronounce AC/DC
  99. The Gulf of Carpentaria is a place to breed cyclones
  100. Meet some old ANZACs and show your (European) appreciation
  101. Remember another 101 reasons for visiting Australia

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