CADE-19 in Miami

28 July - 2 August 2003

In the sunshine ... On the beach

CADE-19 Registration

First name
Family name
Postal address

Includes reception, banquet, lunch each day.
Conference Normal 30 July - 2 August $550
Conference Student
(Please FAX proof of student status to Geoff, +1 305 2842264)
30 July - 2 August $350
Extra Reception tickets 29 July $30
Extra Banquet tickets 31 July $70
Extra Lunch tickets (one lunch, any one day) 30 July - 2 August $30

Workshops, Tutorials, CASC
Includes lunch.

The basic workshop/tutorial fee is $65. If you register for multiple workshops/tutorials on the same day, you pay the basic $65 fee for the first workshop/tutorial, and only $15 for additional ones on the same day.

W1: First QPQ Workshop on Deductive Software Components 28 July $65/$15
W2: Pragmatics of Decision Procedures in Automated Reasoning 29 July $65/$15
W3 (+ W5): Grand Challenges and Novel Applications for Automated Reasoning 28 July $65/$15
W4: Model Computation - Principles, Algorithms, Applications 29 July $65/$15
T1: SAT Beyond Propositional Satisfiability 28 July $65/$15
CASC-19: The CADE-19 ATP System Competition
Includes T-shirt and dinner 30 July. Entrants and associates only.
31 July $65
Extra CASC dinner tickets 30 July $30

Social Events
Please indicate the number of tickets required.
Seaquarium Spend the morning with creatures of the ocean. 1 August $45
Vizcaya A unique glimpse of a vanished lifestyle in America. 1 August $45
SCUBA diving SCUBA dives at a wreck and a reef off Miami.
(You must be certified - bring your certification card.)
1 August $70
SoBe A night in the South Beach (SoBe) art deco district. 2 August $100
Bayside A taste of the waterfront life of Biscayne Bay. 2 August $100
Key Largo Visit the nation's first underwater state park. 3 August $125

Internet Access
Ethernet and wireless (802.11b) internet access (with DHCP service) will be available for laptops. To help us plan, please predict whether or not you'll need this service.
Intenet access Definitely need access. Probably need access. Probably won't need access. Definitely won't need access.

Extra information for the organizers

Method of Payment
Your payment total will be given on the confirmation page following submission of this form. You can read the detailed payment instructions now or from the confirmation page.
Credit card Credit card payments will be processed through PayPal, which incurs a 3.5% processing fee.
Cheque Must be from a US bank.
Bank transfer To the CADE-19 account at the Bank of America.