CADE-19 in Miami

28 July - 2 August 2003

In the sunshine ... On the beach

Miami Practicum

If there's any information you need about Miami that is not provided here, please email the conference organizers:, and we'll add it on!

Flying into Miami You can fly into Miami International Airport or Ft. Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport.

Getting to the Radisson Sadly the Radisson does not offer a shuttle service. A cab from MIA to the Radisson will be about $25, a shuttle about $15 (with SuperShuttle), and a shuttle from FLL will be about $15 (with TriCounty Express). The shuttle services operate from outside the arrivals' terminals, and no booking is required.

Car hire CADE-19 has a deal with Thrify, and this online Thrifty booking form has the CADE-19 promotional code filled in. Note that if you do not have a US license with insurance, the cost of insurance can be similar to the cost of the car hire - whomever you hire a car from, read the small print about that!

Money and Banking Credit cards rule, and are accepted almost everywhere. Travellers cheques are almost as good as cash. Most banks are open on weekdays only, and the hours vary. ATM machines abound, but if it's not an ATM owned by your bank it will charge something (1%, $1.50, etc) for use.

Gratuities (tipping!) Almost everyone expects a tip (but of course it's your choice). It is customary to tip 10%-20% in bars and restaurants. Some bars and restaurants will add an 18% tip onto your bill without even asking - you can change it if you really want to. Taxi drivers expect at least 10%, and valet parking is worth $1-$5. Porters typically get $1 per bag up to a $5 maximum. If a doorman calls you a cab, that's $1.

Public Transport There is a reasonable public transport service, which provides transport in the greater Miami area. Bus and metrorail rides cost $1.25. If you want to transfer from bus to metrorail or vice versa, pay an extra 25c and get a transfer. Take the H bus down Collins Ave to get to South Beach, the L, G, or H bus for Lincoln Road Mall, and the T bus to get to Miami downtown.

Telephones Public telephones will take quarters, but if you plan to make many calls, especially long distance or international, it's better to buy a phone card. Dial 011 for international access, and 1 for long distance (out of the Miami 305 prefix area).

Time Zones Miami is in the USA Estern Standard Time zone, and during the conference daylight saving will be in effect. That means
°  6 hours ahead of Honolulu
°  3 hours ahead of San Francisco and Tijuana
°  The same time as Montreal and San Juan
°  4 hours behind Reykjavik
°  5 hours behind London
°  6 hours behind Warsaw
°  9 hours behind Islamabad
°  12 hours behind Perth and Singapore
°  15 hours behind Honiara and Vladivostok
°  18 hours behind Kiritimati

Safety in Miami Miami is a safe city, especially the busy Miami Beach areas. It is generally safe to walk alone at night, etc, provided you avoid obvious dangers. In the very unlikely event that you get into a difficult situation, call 911 and help will come quickly.