CADE-19 in Miami

28 July - 2 August 2003

In the sunshine ... On the beach

Conference Information

If there's any conference information you need that is not provided here, please email the conference organizers:, and we'll add it on!

Internet access At the conference there will be:
  • Some Linux workstations
  • Ethernet cables with DHCP service
  • Wireless access using 802.11b/g
All these will go through a DSL link. Additionally, I'll find the locations of some internet cafes in the area.

Presentation facilities The conference room and each workshop room will be equipped with an overhead projector (for plastic slides) and a data projector (for laptop projection). These will be on a table with plenty of space for your laptop, notes, a mouse mat, etc. No projection pointers (laser pointers, wands, etc) will be provided.

The conference room, but not the workshop rooms, will have a wireless microphone.

If you have any special presentation requirements, please let me know and I'll try arrange it.